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From the Land of Vikings - Scandinavia

ScanBike was started in 1993 by bikers from Norway and Denmark, shortly afterwards Sweden joined the team and some time after that, Finland also jumped on board.
Our philosophy was to make a biker magazine as a grassroots project, to have down-to-earth articles and not to be governed by commercial rules. Here we stand, more than 30 years later and we are proud of what we have achieved. Without you (our readers) this would not have been possible, therefore you have a great significance for us. We depend on your support, so do not forget to sign up for membership. Many thanks for the past time and an even bigger thank you for following us into the future.


This is what you find at ScanBike E‑Magazine:

ScanBike E-Magazine contains more than 250 posts. These are divided into four main categories. Listed below.
Under posts you will also find Featured Posts and Public Posts that both can cover over all four categories.

Like a traditional magazine
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Lifestyle - Bikes - Cultur
Partly Public
Significance info for bikers
Man & Bike - Models - Videos
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