A Long, Lean & Clean Swedish Style Chopper with E-Type approval

Built to Ride!

Text & Photo: Jimpa

Saw a really cool paint on a tank on facebook. Saw immediately that Martin Bouchard Fitto made the motives for the idea. A cruel artist from Canada.

Became very interested when you followed this man online for probably 10 years .. After a bit of research, I came to the conclusion that the bike was built by Hogtech Sweden AB. Peder "Greven" Johansson who owns and operates Hogtech outside Eskilstuna.

He needs no further presentation. He has been building bikes since 1982 and there have been one or two award winners over the years. Having said that, I went to Eskilstuna. Once there, the A-Chopper was shining in the showroom. You became a completely Blown Away tame fan.

The construction was based on the EU type-approved A-Chopper’n that Hogtech made sure to get through. The chopper has many awesome details and the more you look the more cool you will find. Mention should be made of the crown, which impressed greatly as Peder manufactures himself.

When the bike was ready for paint, Peder grabbed the syringe himself and put a cruel purple candy. After that, the stuff was sent to Canada where Martin Bouchard Fitto made fairy motifs in Old Nordic stucco.

Technical data

Chris, France


Brand: Hogtech Northern Spirit
Rake / Stretch: 46 ° / 3 ”

Make / type: S&S, Hogtech Design
Cylinder volume: 1640 cc, 100 ”
Combs: S&S 585
Carburetor: Super E
Air trainer: A&S, Hogtech
Exhaust system: BSL, Hogtech Design
Ignition: S&S
Starter: Compu Fire Gen III

Primary drive: Primo Belt
Coupling: Primo / Barnett
Gearbox: Baker, OD 6

Brand: Tolle
Fork crown: Hogtech
Extension: 22 ”

Front wheel:
Type: HDW
Brake: HHI
Tires: Avon 90 / 90-19 ”

Rear wheel:
Type: HDW, Hogtech Design
Brake: HHI
Tires: Avon, 180 / 60-17 ”

Tank: Parker, Hogtech Design
Oil tank: Hogtech
Board: V-Team / Hogtech Design
Control: Rebiffini
Saddle: Sybo / Hogtech
Foot control: Rebiffini
Headlights: CCE
Backlight: Kellerman Atto

Chrome: Chrome technology
Lacquer: House of Color Kandy Mix
Varnisher: Bas Hogtech
Motif paint: Airbrusch Fitto Canada

Check out the pictures and you will see which artist he is.

An awesome work of art for Chopper has been created.


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