Text: Perra/Oda - Photo: Oda

The name of the Chopper refers to the Dragon's Back Hike which is one of the most popular trails in Hong Kong because of its impressive coastal views from the trail, but also because it is one of the less intense trails in the region. Dragon's Back Trail gives hikers outstanding, scenic views without too much slope and climbing. Dragon's Back Hike is suitable for families, amateur hikers and all tourists looking for an adventure.

Last year I had the great honor to record Peppe's Chopper from Svarthamn MC. Then when I surfed around one day online, I saw a really awesome long fork "Dragonsback". It turned out that the owner Perra was a club friend with Peppe so it was easy to make contact and on a nice summer day in July they came by for photography and the obligatory coffee.

Perra, also known as Dr. Olson, aged 60+, bought the Chopper by chance in 2019 when he rode a newly rebuilt Superglide. After a little chat with colleague Peppe, they went down to Stockholm to take a look at Dragonsback. And it became an immediate purchase, something that Perra does not regret today. He currently works at a treatment home for addicts, a job he enjoys. He says the pension will have to wait a few more years.

Once home, the talk started about starting a motorcycle club, Peppe, who had previously been involved in club life, got to row around with it. We were probably four or five old men who started it all, SBM we already agreed with so now the work began. Today, Perra is secretary of Svarthamns MC Chopper, which at the beginning of the year was an approved club. The clubhouse was to be acquired, which was not the easiest thing to do, but they got a room in Skutskär. There was total rust on it and after about 5 months everything was ready.

These days, Perra got hold of the builder from Choppern, who told me a bit about the construction that started in Skåne and continued in Stockholm. Peppe is and has been helpful with most of the screwing on Dragonsback. Peppe has built about 10 choppers himself over the years and is also the winner of the ScanBike Open 2020. The chopper purchase is something that Perra does not regret because it provides quality of life and a little fun in the autumn of age.

During the trip he got to know a lot of nice bikers. But Perra says that during the corona there have been far too few hits but it will probably get better and the guys in Svarthamn MC Choppers see a brighter future.

Owner: Per-Arne Olsson
Builders: Antonio Lo Martire and Göran Frick

Rake: 55 ”
Frame: Calles Chopperdelar softail frame
Lead: 135 ”
Engine: Evo
Cylinder volume: 1340 + 0.10 over
Camshaft: Step 3 cam
Carburetor Mikuni 42
Air purifier: S&S
Exhaust system: Vance & Hines Short Pipes
Ignition: Crane
Primary drive: Belt
Coupling: Ultima
Gearbox: Ultima 6 geared
Starter: All balls 1.4 KW
Fork: The Iron Horse
Fork crowns: Iron horse extension + 18
Front wheel: Moheda
Brake: Ticket
Tires: 90x90 H19
Brake: Ticket
Rear tires: 250/40 R 18
Wheelbase: 2340 mm
Tank: Stretched rebuilt
Oil Tank: Oil Tank Drag Style Frame
Control: Unknown
Control knob: Unknown
Lyse: Bates copy
Saddle: R2´s Leather
Varnish: unknown

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