Ace Cafe & Museum Finland

MC Museum & Ace Corner Finland

Finland’s only MC museum holds up to 100 motorcycles and properties related on motorcycling.

Our collection offers a wide rangeof elegantly restored world-famous motorcycles

and national racebikes and mopeds with their stories.

Exhibitions change annually.

Museum stands out of traditional museums with its youthfullness and rock’n roll spirit.


Ace Corner Finland was founded in 2011 and it is the first Ace Café outside of London.

The original Ace Café London was established in 1938. Now Ace Cafes have spread all over the world.

Ace Corner offers delicious burgers, fresh salads and finger food, something for everyone!

During summer and until last days of September Ace Corner offers its customer variety of different events:

Bikes, Cars & Rock’n’Roll.


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