Brakka’s Summer Party 2024

"Brakka", the clubhouse for the prevailing motorcycle club in Trondheim, was put into use in 1974. The club was then called MC-TRONDHEIM and was founded in April 1972. The club changed its name to ROWDIES MC TRONDHEIM in 1978. In the eighties, the club was divided into 2 and those who continued with the Rowdies name became in 1992 the first Norwegian chapter in HELLS ANGELS MC. Those who remained in Brakka took the name RAMS MC (no bottom rocker).

Every year Brakka holds a big Summer Party around the 4th of July, the American National Day. Party-goers come from all over the country and Brakka's Summer Party in the land of the Midnight Sin also attracts bikers from many places in Europe. This year, 2024, the club really hits the big drum and invites to a real biker party, with great bands and rock and roll, 3 days to go, at E.C. Dahl Brewery Arena 5 – 7 July. Mark the date and place in your calendar for this year's big event. There will be more information both here and there, and also in the next Scanbike, about the party and the programme. For those who need it, it may be a good idea to book a hotel room already now, it tends to be quite full at the hotels in Trondheim at that time. There is a cancellation deadline anyway, so it's a good idea to make sure. Go e.g. into or

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