Let the best times Roll!

50 years and still kickin’

Text: Jens Fredrik von der Lippe (Greven) og Atle


This year 2022 it is fifty years since some of the most important rock albums throughout history were released, and, also approx. 50 years ago The biker community in Norway saw its infancy. Personally, we have no moral qualms about very easily claiming that this is the golden age of music, the 70s, along with the 80s. When you (with honorable exceptions) see what ends up on the charts today, there is only one thing to say: Back to the Future!

Black Sabbath came with his «Vol. 4», Uriah Heep with two albums,« Demons and Wizards »and« The Magician's Birthday », Blue Öyster Cult with his formidable debut album, self-titled « Blue Öyster Cult », Neil Young came with « Harvest », David Bowie with the concept album « Ziggy Stardust », Deep Purple with « Machine Head »and Alice Cooper with « Schools out », just to name a few, and of course the band that in 1972 was 10 years old, Rolling Stones, who came with the album « Exile on Main Street » .

And if anyone is wondering: Led Zeppelin did not release an album in 1972. When it comes to "Exile on Main street", in 2002 the rock magazine "Rolling Stone" named this album seventh place among the 500 best albums of all time. The album got its name because the Rolling Stones "fled" to France for tax reasons for a while, and decided to record most of the album in France.

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