The myths, as well as wandering stories with scary images of the Biker Foundation and a lot of ignorance, are plentiful.

What is the Biker Foundation really?

Here we will try to explain what it is and why we thought it is a good thing.

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The myths abound, wandering stories with a scary image of the Biker Foundation and a lot of ignorance of what it really is. So here we will try once and for all, to explain what it is and why we thought it was a good thing.

Biker Foundation:

Dansk Biker Fond or Bikerfonden - is hereinafter described as DBF. DBF is an association of the most active clubs from the Danish biker community, which work together to inform about what the Danish biker community stands for, as opposed to the way the environment is often described by authorities and the media. Here, the biker culture and the community are protected, where the interest in motorcycles is at the center, events with public access are held, among other things. flea market, joint rides, Christmas lunch, etc.


In 2019, the Biker Foundation held its first flea market at United MC in Hedehusene. It was a cool day where bikers across clubs had fun, where there were a lot of stands selling new and used pieces. Scanbike was there, the wheelie machine was brought in from Sweden, and the brilliant guys from Dyna Vikings Stunt Team demonstrated how to tumble their HD. A joint trip was made and tickets were sold, and finally an auction where the profit went to Julemærkehjemmet in Roskilde.

Biker Foundation:

DBF works to promote dialogue between all motorcycle clubs, and has undertaken the voluntary work of brand registration of new clubs, to meet any. conflicts between the clubs in connection with brand coincidences. Here, new clubs are helped with information about their and other existing clubs' possible disagreement about brands and name, so they have the opportunity to change brand / name / colors prior to any. registration, or enter into a dialogue about the brand design. Brands registered by the foundation are displayed on DBF's website, so it is visible to everyone in Denmark what is found by registered clubs under the auspices of DBF.


We believe that it is a pretty important thing in the Biker world that someone has taken on this work. Basically, it is about respect for current clubs that you apply through the Biker Foundation to get your back brand approved. The fact that you as a newly started club choose to do so, also shows that you have actually familiarized yourself with what it means to move between other bikers, and not just start a club, and fuck on the old established clubs and their brands. One thing that is actually quite important before throwing a vest on, and drowning out and behaving like idiots. This behavior falls back on all back marks as Mr. and Mrs. Denmark stamps all over a comb. Dust’N’Bones is one of the clubs that chose to be approved by the Biker Foundation, so as not to step on anyone’s toes and be sure that their brand did not look like anyone else’s. Many of the start-up clubs see the foundation clubs as role models and really want to learn from them.

Biker Foundation:

DBF also conducts litigation of a principled nature, examples of which may be:

• Prohibition of back-marking at public events.

• Tax lawsuits where the state unreasonably tries to hit motorcycle clubs.

• Keep an eye on abuses that are directed at motorcycle clubs, or the biker culture as a whole

• Principal matters which may ultimately affect all motorcycle clubs in Denmark.

DBF is NOT a "BIKER POLICE". The Biker Foundation only works on cases concerning the foundation clubs and for the entire biker community in Denmark.


In our Nordic neighbors, there are associations that do these things, such as Payback. This to run such an association requires quite a lot, as the undersigned himself did it at some point, and knows it. So the fact that the Biker Foundation actually "bothers" to do it for bikers in DK, is something we should be extremely happy about. So this is another reason to consider becoming a member in the Biker Foundation. We must not forget that in the eyes of the authorities, the vast majority of bikers are a plague, and someone who is deeply criminal. However, there are no studies that prove that their claim is true.

Biker Foundation:

clubs count (2020) 14 clubs:

Buffalo MC - Cobra MC - Devastators MC - Devils Choice MC - Exodus MC - Gribbene MC - HD Holbæk MC - Iron-Head MC - Legacy Vets MC - MC 19 Køge - NO Name MC - The Rats MC - Sons Of Freedom MC - United MC.

The foundation clubs in Denmark can be identified by the fact that they are the only ones driving with Denmark under the arch on their back mark. Non-fund clubs run with Denmark or other optional under arc. The foundation clubs 'task is to keep the articles of association up to date, registration of clubs' marks, legal assistance / advice, planning the Biker Foundation's runs, collaboration with various motorcycle fairs, e.g. with Bikerfondsstand, support gear, sales bar, event planning and much more that relates to the Danish biker environment.


Here we can mention Start of Season, where the trip ends with once fried pork and parsley sauce somewhere in DK. Same with End of Season. Stumpemarked, and the trip to Julemærkehjemmet in Roskilde, where they handed over the collected amount for the benefit of the children who are now there, and of course there was also a trip with the cheering children again and again.

Biker Foundation:

Admission to DBF can only take place after the new applicant club has existed for a minimum of 5 years and subsequently participated in regional work for a minimum of 1 year. Pediatrics must be over and the club must have consisted of a stable number of members over the past 5 years. The probationary period for new members of DBF is a minimum of 12 months regardless of where they come from or how long they have been part of the biker community. The club will be assigned a sponsor club, which will advise and guide them during admission. The sponsor club will act as a mentor for a year and a half. The first year as a guide while the club is working its way into the fund. The next six months as support and guidance in what and how the club should act in relation to the possible Questions that may arise after meetings and the like. During the trial period, you visit the chapters of the other foundation clubs, and participate in events, etc.


Having a trial period is only a positive step, because it shows that you really want the biker world, and you can show that you can behave properly among other bikers, and yes among the part of the population that only sees bikers as someone dangerous someone. But that community about his passion for his motorcycle and the community it provides with others is the most important thing for one. Biker funds:

All in all, it's about our motorcycles and the community.

Together We Stand – Free We Ride


Photos: Biker Foundation & ScanBike

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