Dice Run 2022

Text and Photo: Johnny

On August 28, it was time for Hells Angels Bergets Dice Run with a loop around Gothenburg of 9-10 miles. Dice Run is like a poker run but the cards and poker have been replaced with dice and yatzy. It was the first time in Europe that such a run was run. Unfortunately, the weather report during the week was not so positive as it was forecast to rain. But well on Saturday the sun looked ahead and it was mostly a break So the around 105 brave bikers who came got good weather and mostly a break.

The event both on the mountain and out on the street’s was very professional and well executed. As a photographer, you hear what the participants say and I could not hear anything directly negative but everyone thought it was great and as someone said "Now the innocence is taken and now we look forward to Dice Run 2022”.

There was some food to buy in the form of grilled sausages and sirloin burgers at a really good price. The high-rib burgers in particular were very popular and the participants devoured 130 burgers and I can attest that they were very good and held a very high class.

When it was time for the award ceremony, it was Costas who had been given the task with the help of a megaphone and some helpers. The prices disappeared at a fast pace and a little fun that someone got together 81 points

When the event was over and people were going home. Then there were rain clothes on, but absolutely no sour faces but there were happy faces and there were those who had come a long way to go home.

An event like this will be difficult to carry out without the help of supporter clubs and supporters. No one mentioned no one forgotten. You who were with you know what load you pulled in this. Organizers and participants are very grateful for your efforts

Many thanks to all sponsors who in one way or another contributed to the attractive price table etc.

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