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A lot is written and told about runs, stylish bikes, rock bands and organizers. More should be written about the real heroes, the ones who ride for hours to various biker events. Sleeping in damp tents. Queues for cr and showers. Such as the Mosten travellers from Värmland. Six Värmlanders decided that Karlskoga was not the answer to their dreams. The outside world emerged with new ways to burn rubber. One of the six had made quite a few trips to Mosten, or as Wasberg himself says: "I was there even before Mosten existed!".


The smell of ​​metanol and good rockbands

The good Biker stories about racing, rubber smoke, the smell of methanol and lots of people and good rock bands made Holm and the others realize that Mosten Raceday was like Robert Linds Kramfors, it's always bright and beautiful. Danish beer and thousands of nice Bikers are not to be despised either.

Said and done. Now you have to point out that there is a long way to go and that the weather in September can be moody. However, the biker blood had already started to boil among the Värmlanders in United MC. Tents and sleeping bags were strapped to the bikes.

Two tough ladies of unknown parentage and of dubious morals, dubious and dubious may have to be taken with a grain of salt, but maybe they didn't go to church as often as they should, joined the group. The six saddled up and set off on the long journey, which included a lunch break at Kaj's friends' house.

Then a fantastic weekend passed at Mosten. Nice weather, fantastic race on the strip and lots of rock'n roll. Like all parties, this one also ended. The weather-beaten brave six headed home towards the forests of Värmland. I admire these bikers who give it their all for a few days, always as happy and enthusiastic.

When this lovely kind of bikers can't bring themselves to come to Mosten and other events, then it's time to pull the curtains.

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