Unknown Saints MC

Text: Jaana - Photo: Unknown Saints MC


At the end of July I was at a summer party in Norrköping at Peking Mc. There I met some nice young guys from Holland who build their own bikes, which is perhaps not so common today. I thought I'd tell you a little bit about their club.

Already as 15-16 year olds, the boys started a moped club. Today there are 13 members. The youngest is 23 years old and the oldest is 36 years old. Some of the boys have known each other since the age of two. They have grown up together and spent a lot of time in clubs that the parents were in. So building bikes was something that everyone did back then at the age of 15-16.

They rode their old Kreidler, Zündapp, and Yamaha mopeds, and often visited various riding clubs around Holland. So most Dutch clubs know them from their moped period.

The boys got older and the mopeds were replaced by motorcycles. In the beginning the guys rebuilt Sportster's because of the money, then they built Pan's, Shovel's and Evo's. They have built all their bikes themselves, the guys have no factory bikes in their club, in other words no Twincams there.

They told me that their hearts have always burned for Old School Choppers. They are an official club since 2014 and have deep respect for Old School MC values. They say you have to earn your back badge and colors.

They are now becoming a full-fledged club but they are in no rush, and the lads want to earn it the old fashioned way. Even though they are a serious MC club, they are also friends at bottom, and don't want to become too big a club. So if you want to become a member, you must first become a good friend.

They do a road trip every year, mostly to Scandinavia. In recent years they have met many different people and clubs in Scandinavia. The guys love the Chopper culture here and even more our hospitality.

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