On 14 January, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark acceded to the country's throne as the new king. Already in his student days, he was a motorcycle enthusiast, and in general very interested in motorcycles. The then crown prince has been called both the "turbo prince" and the "party prince". While Frederik has previously described himself as a shy and insecure teenager, he seemed to warm up in his 20s. Then both he and his little brother Joachim were dubbed the "turbo princes" by the Danish press. The nicknames were due to the fact that the brothers were excessively happy to drive fast, which, among other things, led to both a broken collarbone and a wrecked car, and several times he has been caught for driving well over the speed limit. He has bought several year models of the handmade "Lauge Jensen Bike", handmade bikes according to the customer's wishes by the Danish Uffe Lauge Jensen.


Uffe Lauge Jensen developed his MC idea from 2004 and was able to deliver the first ones in 2009. Lauge Jensen is an inventor and master mechanic. He has also worked for Harley-Davidson in the USA, but eventually got tired of seeing that "everyone" rode around on bikes that looked pretty much the same. Thus he drew his own.


The Lauge Jensen bicycle was then the only one to have received world technical approval, and was even type-approved in Norway without the Road Directorate having actually seen the bicycle. Over 1,000 test hours were run by Tüf in Germany to get this approval. Production was discontinued in 2012 after having sold close to 100 copies. The bike had an SS engine of 1792 cc with well over 100 horses originally, it weighed 323 kg and could achieve a top speed of almost 250 km/h if the rider was not too fat. At the MC fair in Lillestrøm in 2011, the Lauge Jensen bike was on display, the same year that the then Crown Prince Frederik bought his first.

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