She is most likely one of the world's fastest women, at least when she is on a motorcycle. Mia Rusthen (21) from Norway is fighting for international positions, and aims to become world champion in the sport of road racing. Now her big dream can become reality. She has driven so well that she has received permission to start in the WC in a separate women's class, but this is a very expensive sport and she needs more than NOK 10 million to be able to start. A "Splice" has therefore been launched online and you can read more about it on her Facebook page: Mia Rusthen Racing. Whether she manages to get the amount or not, she will go to the World Cup regardless, she writes on the website: "I have received confirmation from the World Cup that if I do not have the finances for a whole season, I can get a wild card". So I'm going to the WC anyway, either for a whole season or as a wildcard. I am very aware that I am a privileged young person who can follow my dream in a world where many live in war and insecurity. That's why I want to give 10% of what goes into donation to Save the Children".

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